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Stats for Caly

Caly running with the ball

The neat thing about adopting a former racing greyhound is that they come with stats. You can look up everything about every dog ever recorded on Greyhound Data. You can trace their ancestry back, sometimes into the 1700s.

Caly was not known as Caly when she went round the track. Like most racers, she had a fancy racing name, that we then changed because it was ridiculous. Caly was known then as:

CTW on Facebook

Yes, that was her racing name. She’s a bit better off than her mother (CTW Pole Dancer), but it is still ridiculous. Note that CTW is the kennel that raced her, and a lot of times that ends up in their names.

They often have a nickname at the kennel, and don’t really attach themselves to their racing names, so it is easy to change if you want, thankfully.

Caly was born on July 17, 2014, meaning she turns 6 soon. Since greyhounds can expect to live between 12 – 15 years, that means she’s still a young thing.

She ran 42 total races. She won 8, came in second in 3, and third in 6. Not too shabby, I’d guess. I do say that any failures to win were not a lack of love of the game, because this dog loves to race. It’s her favorite game with other dogs. (She’s a bit of a brat.)

You can read more about her at her racing page.

Meet Calygreyhound

Caly in the grass header image

This is our retired racer, Calygreyhound. (We call her Caly. Pronounced as Kay-lee, but based on a really weird heraldric creature).

We adopted Caly in March of 2018, two years after my last greyhound passed on. He had been an easy, dopey kind of hound.

Caly, on the other hand, is a diva. Smart, too smart, and did I mention a diva?

You’ll get many stories of our Diva Dog as time goes on, but I’ll start by telling you what I mean, so when I call her that, you’ll know I mean it.

Divas want to be the center of attention, and that’s our Caly. She can’t stand to not be in the middle of things. She will not hesitate to use the Paw to get you to pay attention to her, either.