Meet Calygreyhound

Caly in the grass header image

This is our retired racer, Calygreyhound. (We call her Caly. Pronounced as Kay-lee, but based on a really weird heraldric creature).

We adopted Caly in March of 2018, two years after my last greyhound passed on. He had been an easy, dopey kind of hound.

Caly, on the other hand, is a diva. Smart, too smart, and did I mention a diva?

You’ll get many stories of our Diva Dog as time goes on, but I’ll start by telling you what I mean, so when I call her that, you’ll know I mean it.

Divas want to be the center of attention, and that’s our Caly. She can’t stand to not be in the middle of things. She will not hesitate to use the Paw to get you to pay attention to her, either.

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